Servicios especializados de consultoría estratégica y operativa

In Alium Consulting we provide specialized strategic and operational consulting services, aimed at improving the competitiveness of companies, business and sectoral associations and various public administrations.

In this line of business, we strive to support our clients in:

  • The implementation of management systems based on models of excellence and focused on optimizing processes and improving results and efficiency.
  • The definition and roll out of strategies to improve and develop competitiveness, individually and through partnerships.
  • The design and implementation of Internationalisation processes that aim to answer the challenges of sustainable growth and market diversification.
  • The definition of policies related to Competitiveness, Innovation and Internationalisation of public institutions in the context of the business landscape.

Our Areas of Activity

Estrategia y gestión

From Alium Consulting’s Strategy & Management Area, we assist our clients in defining and planning their future strategies and in the implementation and maintenance of internal management models, with a clear focus on results and competitive improvement.


From Alium Consulting’s I​internationalization Area, we assist our clients in defining, planning and implementing their access strategy and positioning in international markets.

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